Our Instructors


Chief Flight Instructor
Ali El Hajj Ahmad

Since January 2012, Cpt El Hajj is responsible of :
- Head of Operations.
- Safety Management.
- Ground Training.
- In-flight Training.

Ali El Hajj has a high level of experience in this field as he holds a Canadian ATPL and Flight Instructor Rating since 2002.

Flight Instructor Seat Available
Empty right seat ready to be manned immediately!

Assists the CFI in :
- In-flight Training.
- Site Seeing flights.

Applicant is to send to info@aeroclublebanon.com
- Motivation Letter
- Copy of Valid Pilot License
- Copy of Valid Medical Certificate
- Curriculum Vitae
- Photo passport
- Criminal record

Our Fleet

Tecnam P92-JS
2 seater trainer airplane.

Cessna 172 SP Skyhawk
4 seater trainer and travel aircraft with conventional cockpit instruments.

Cessna 172 G1000
4 seater trainer and travel aircraft with Garmin G1000 / glass cockpit.