Created in 1923 under the leadership of Commander Danan head of the Levant French Air Force the club was called Aero Club of Lebanon and Syria. It is with the help, management and support of the French Air Force, which provided equipment and instructors that sports aviation was born in Lebanon.

The club opens its doors in Rayak and quickly enrolls 24 students. The first Lebanese to fly alone is Youssef Acar.

In 1938, the Aero Club detaches from Damascus and by Presidential Decree becomes the Aero Club of Lebanon, recognized of public utility and receives a subvention. Its president Mr. Habib Trad, one of the first Lebanese pilots buys the first aircraft school and built a hangar at the airport in Bir Hassan, with the intention to acquire a second plane. With the start of the Second World War, the club stopped its activity.

It is only in 1960 and with the gusto of its president Mr. Gabriel Trad, the club resumed its operations from Beirut International Airport after receiving a donation of 2 "Auster" training aircrafts, from King Hussein of Jordan. In 1961, the club receives its first Cessna 150 offered by Mr. Gabriel Trad and operates from MEA hangars.

From 1961 to 1975 is the golden age of the Club, its fleet is composed of 3 Cessna 150, 1 Cessna 172 and a piper Cherokee and flies almost 3000 hours per year.

From 1976 to 1990 activity was downed due to the instability of the country and the partial loss of its fleet.

Since 1977, the board members are Mr. Abdo Ayoub as President, Mr. Michel Abboud and Mr. Anis Sinno as Executive Presidents and Mr. Naji Habis as Treasurer. 

Since 1991, the club flies again is smoothly climbing the slope.

Today the club has 1 Cessna 172SP, 1 Tecnam P92JS, and a Cessna 172SP Garmin 1000.