“You have made me a better person.”

Chief Flight Instructor El Hajj you still look like the young man I knew from Brampton. I am very pleased to see you with the CFI title. I keep your teaching in the front of my mind always, thanks for the knowledge and the good times sir. You are one of my most profound influences and you have made me a better person. thank you

— Mike Crane


“Thank you for your professionalism.”

This is definitely a must try must repeat experience and made me want to explore more!!!! I would like to say a huge well deserved THANK YOU to the Aeroclub of Lebanon. We SAFELY rediscovered Lebanon and saw our beautiful country from a new perspective. As a skier I’ve always wanted to look at Faraya Mzaar slopes from above, check out all the aspects of mount Sannine and you made it possible for both my girlfriend and I. 
So THANK YOU, thank you for your professionalism, thank you for your friendliness, thank you for an unforgettable journey!! It made me go a step further in wanting to join your academy to get my P.P license :) :) And last but definitely not least, the biggest THANK YOU to captain Ali El Hajj for literally getting us a step closer to the stars in the most stylish way ;) ;) and to Mr. Michel Abboud for keeping the club alive and its wings flying!

God speed!

— Tarek Chehab


“Sense the feeling of the controls.”

If you have a passion for flying then this is the place to go. The staff are super friendly. You get to see the dashboard in details, aviation terminology and the super cool part is that you get to hear a real life, international level air traffic control. At some point you could even sense the feeling of the controls, super amazing! It was a great pleasure to fly with a friend and a member of the Aeroclub of Lebanon!

— Mustafa Baalbaki


“A nice gift to your dearest.”

As a birthday gift from my girlfriend i got to ride shotgun front seat in the club's Cessna for a tour around our gorgeous mountains. The view from up there is indescribable. The best thing about that specific club is the amazing and friendly pilots that explain to you anything you want to know if its about the plane or the scenery. To my luck I got to take hand on the controls where the pilot helped me out fly the plane for a while. If you're looking for a nice gift to your dearest friends or lovers trust me that’s an awesome unforgettable gift... Keep it up guys can't wait to fly again with you.

— Nour Nassereddine

“Breathtaking view of Lebanon from above.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to take a flight with an instructor in C172 OD-PMA, out of Beirut, over Chekka, then back. It was an absolutely beautiful experience that gave me a breathtaking view of Lebanon from above. I flew with a friend in the back seat who had never been in a small plane before. He was nervous at first, but after we landed he had the biggest smile on his face and couldn't stop talking about the experience for days afterward. The instructor was absolutely professional, and the plane was in fact newer and better maintained than the ones I fly in the US. Even though my flight took place several years ago, I still think about it fondly all the time and look forward to flying again one day.

— Martin Vargas


“I encourage everyone with the dream of flying.”

Best club, greatest staff and the most professional team ever. 
I feel privileged for acquiring my Private Pilot license with u guys, and mostly to have been trained by Captain Hajj. 
I encourage everyone with the dream of flying, especially the females to pursue this dream with you guys. 
Best of luck and keep up the great work.  

— Reine Sawane


“Looking forward for starting my lessons.”

Amazing and unique experience. 
Thank you for making it happen. 
Looking forward for starting my lessons, hopefully next summer.

— Lara Karim


“An experience I will not be forgetting soon.”

A great experience! I got to see the Lebanese coast from the sky along side a dear friend and pilot/member of the club. A great shot of adrenaline at times and a much needed moment of calmness at others. An experience I will not be forgetting soon and one I will definitely be repeating as often as I can!

— Kamal Karaa


“One of the 10 things to do in Lebanon before you die ;)”

I had several flights with the Aeroclub and it was amazing. It's one of the 10 things to do in Lebanon before you die ;) 

— Marc Sayegh

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