Route Overview

Points of interest: East and/or West of Beirut city, Dora Bay, Marina, Jounieh Bay, Byblos, Madfoun, Batroun, Hamat Airport, Chekka bay
Cruising Altitude: 5000ft
Duration: 60 min

This is a long flight where you take off from Beirut, follow Route 2 and when you reach Jounieh bay, you continue flying north to see on your right side the northern lebanese coastline, all its Beach resorts and the ancient cities of Byblos and Batroun with their ports. Before you reach Chekka bay, you will see the cliffs of Hamat, where our Lady of Nouriye overlooks the sea and you will also see Hamat's plateau on which the French built the airfield of Wujah al Hajar. From there you will head back south along the seashore line to land in Beirut International Airport.